Current version: 1.1.0, updated Nov. 15 '03


All downloads and project-version information can be found on the sourceforge project page, here [sourceforge.net].


TimCam is an easy-to-use webcam program written in (pure) Java. It was designed to mimic such fantastic projects as ConquerCam, but with an added bonus: TimCam is in the public domain. This means that the source-code is not only free for download, it is free to incorporate into other projects, modify and re-release; basically, whatever you want to do with it you can.



Installation Instructions
  1. Install the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) - this is at bare minimum a Java Virtual Machine (JVM). No idea what i'm talking about? Then, go to here [java.sun.com] and download/install the Sun J2SE JRE.
  2. Install the Sun Java Media Framework (JMF), which you can find here [java.sun.com] -- make sure you get the version that is optimized for your operating system (ie. "windows performance pack" is for windows).
  3. Initialize the JMF. If FOO is where you installed the JMF, execute FOO\bin\jmfinit.exe -- this looks at the capture devices you have on your system, so make sure they are plugged-in/turned-on/installed-properly (including their drivers); next, run jmfregistry.exe from the same directory and make sure everything in there looks OK (see JMF's documentation for more help on this step).
  4. If you haven't already, download and unzip TimCam. This will create a directory like "TimCam-1.00". Note that this is the final (installed) directory, so, on Windows you might move this so that it becomes C:\PROGRAM FILES\TimCam1.00
  5. Read the DISCLAIMER (comes with TimCam)
  6. If you wish to recompile the Java source files, do so by editing make.sh [UNIX/Linux] or make.bat [Windows] and configuring the information at the top of the file -- then run it. THIS STEP IS OPTIONAL - ONLY DO IT IF YOU KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING
  7. Edit timcam.sh [UNIX/Linux] or timcam.bat [Windows] and configure the information at the top of the file. If you are using UNIX/Linux, don't forget to chmod +x timcam.sh
  8. That's it! You should be able to run timcam.sh [UNIX/Linux] or timcam.bat [Windows].

Dude! It doesn't work!

Well first off, this is just a hobby, and there is no guaranteed support (see DISCLAIMER). But, I'm quite happy to spend a few moments to help you out over email. Drop me an email by writing to the following address (remove the word SPAMSUX): tdot@fuzzymunchSPAMSUXkin.com

Hey, I actually like/use this software!

Excellent! Please do as many of the following as you wish:

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